I spend a lot of time copying headlines and links into email. Is there some way to extend this Mailto: function to fill in the subject line of my email with the title/headline of the page and include the url in the body text? Right now I have a great plugin that allows me to copy the url and title as text or an html… » 7/27/09 8:42am 7/27/09 8:42am

Ray, you neglect to mention that I was *your* managing editor before I moved to Fast Company. Wish I could say that you never posted PR hype on Jalopnik, but unfortunately this site is all too often a "masturbatory echo-chamber" itself. Fewer puff previews and reviews now than before, but you're hardly in a position… » 2/14/09 8:47pm 2/14/09 8:47pm

Cheat Sheet: Today at CES

Here's what you missed today at CES while some Democracy thing happened in New Hampshire:
•Bill Gates told us how it feels to be the villain and the underdog, as well as what keeps him awake at night in the continuation of our multi-part interview.
•We hear that CES may be leaving Las Vegas.
•Mitsubishi cut us deep… » 1/08/08 9:19pm 1/08/08 9:19pm

What's Going to be Big at CES Today

Other than Panasonic's 150-inch plasma, you mean?
• Casio's 60FPS , 1,200 fps still/video camera
Laser TV
• More super-slim, ultra-slim and anorexic HDTVs
Sizemodo galore
• Xbox 360 guitars from Nyko
• Sony Ericsson phones
more and moreUltra-Mobile PCs
• Motorola's wireless speakers and other accessories
•… » 1/07/08 11:28am 1/07/08 11:28am

Sony 27-inch OLED Prototype Gallery

Along with announcing that its 11-inch OLED TV is coming to the US (for a mere $2,500), Sony also unveiled a much larger 27-inch OLED prototype. It has a one million-to-one contrast ratio, and the panel is less than 10mm deep—the screen itself is the thickness of three credit cards stacked. The resolution is 1920 x… » 1/06/08 8:55pm 1/06/08 8:55pm

First Grope of Sony MDR-NC500D Digital Noise Canceling Headphones

Sony introduced the world's first headphone with "digital technology for precise noise canceling"- although we're not sure exactly what that means-these headphones have three different environmental modes, and a switch to let the outside noise in. Sony claims to block 99 percent of noise in the 160HZ range (which is… » 1/06/08 8:28pm 1/06/08 8:28pm

The Biggest Losers: JVC, Sharp, Hitachi and Pioneer Battle for the…

UPDATE: LG just dropped a 1.7-inch thin LCD too. Loser! JVC announced it's "the world's thinnest LCD" at 1.5-inches thick (2.9-inches at the center). Pioneer has been bragging about its "world's thinnest plasma" coming in at a mere .35 inches (9mm!). Hitachi, meanwhile, has a .75-inch LCD and a 1.5-inch plasma on the… » 1/06/08 11:42am 1/06/08 11:42am

JVC P-Series TV's with iPod Docking

The news of JVC's iPod rocking LCD TV's accidentally slipped out a couple weeks ago, but now we have a photo and more details. The "TeleDoc" flips down from the base of the TV. It allows playback and menu control through the set, as well as the TV remote control. » 1/06/08 11:19am 1/06/08 11:19am